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Funding for Science?

Should the government be involved in funding scientific research? No, it shouldn’t. Continue reading “Funding for Science?”


Redistribution of Wealth

Should the state have the right to redistribute wealth from some people to others? Continue reading “Redistribution of Wealth”

Government Intervention

Is government intervention on the free market necessary? Some of the primary reasons for government existence are actually pretty lame reasons like public goods and regulation of monopolies. Continue reading “Government Intervention”


What composes freedom? Freedom is made up of three major factors: life (the right to not be killed), liberty (the right to do what you want with your stuff), and the pursuit of property (the right to not be stolen from). Continue reading “Freedom”

Founders of Protestantism

What did the founders of modern Christianity believe? Since you can’t ask them, it’s probably best to look at what they wrote. Continue reading “Founders of Protestantism”

Reformations of the 16th Century

During the 16th century, Christianity changed dramatically. There were three major reformations: the German Reformation, the English Reformation, and the Catholic Reformation. Continue reading “Reformations of the 16th Century”

Monarchs and Protestants

In the 16th century, Charles V was crowned King of Spain. There were only two problems with this, he didn’t speak Spanish or live in Spain. Continue reading “Monarchs and Protestants”

Lockean Self-Ownership

When John Locke talks about self-ownership, he means that an individual has control over their actions and may not be forced to do or not do something provided they don’t violate the self-ownership of someone else. Continue reading “Lockean Self-Ownership”

The Protestant Reformation

In the early 1500s, the Catholic Church was very disorganized. To give an example, some bishops were bishop to several different places at the same time and they would ignore some of those places. Some bishops didn’t even know the Bible very well. To make matters worse, the Church practiced the giving of indulgences for certain donations to the church. The Church was in terrible shape. Continue reading “The Protestant Reformation”

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