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11th grade

States’ Rights

There are two major theories how governments come into creation. A German name Johannes Althusius created one, and an Englishman named Thomas Hobbes created another.   Continue reading “States’ Rights”


Louis’ Reign

Louis XIV of France ruled France from 1643-1715. During this time he started many wars and revoked Edict of Nantes. Although many considered him a great ruler in his early reign, he eventually bankrupted France. Continue reading “Louis’ Reign”


What are some of the factors that have contributed to rising health-care costs in America? Historically, government interference may prove to be the biggest contributor to rising health care and insurance costs.  Continue reading “Health-Care”


Cardinal Richelieu served as chief minister of France from 1624 to his death in 1642. He had two primary objectives: unifying France and taking away all political power from the Hapsburgs. Continue reading “Absolutism”

17th Century Tyrany

In the 17th century, a man named Oliver Cromwell helped to overthrow a tyrant. An economist named John Locke wrote a treatise explaining why this was completely legitimate. Continue reading “17th Century Tyrany”

Article Analysis

In the article “Logan, Forbidden Planet and The Tempest,” Juliette Harrisson argues that the movie Logan relies heavily on the movie Forbidden Planet and Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. Continue reading “Article Analysis”

Safety for All

Is the statement, “Government must intervene in the economy to bring about improved working conditions” true? No, this is a myth. Continue reading “Safety for All”

Hamlet and Suicide

What does Hamlet believe about suicide in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet? He seems to think there is almost nothing wrong with suicide and that it may be preferable to life. Continue reading “Hamlet and Suicide”

A Measurement of Wealth

What is income inequality and is it a problem? Continue reading “A Measurement of Wealth”

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