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May 2017

An Appearance by Death… Maybe

Is the old man in the Pardoner’s Tale “Death” personified? The Pardoner’s tale is from the Canterbury Tales. In the Pardoner’s Tale, three idiots swear an oath to kill Death. Continue reading “An Appearance by Death… Maybe”


Useless Literature for 1300’s Christians

The two pieces of late medieval literature, The Song of Roland and Little Flowers, seem to  provide virtually no guidance as to how a typical Christian should live. The Song of Roland fictionalizes a war in Spain against Muslims. Little Flowers tells about St. Francis of Assisi and the orders he founded. Continue reading “Useless Literature for 1300’s Christians”

The Afterlife

Did the Little Flowers provide the common man with confidence about his own life beyond the grave?

Little Flowers is about St. Francis of Assisi and the orders he founded. It was written in 1390. Little Flowers gave absolutely no confidence about the afterlife to anyone. Continue reading “The Afterlife”

Perfect Suffering

If you had been listening to these stories (from Little Flowers) in 1300, what would you have concluded from them is the way to gain eternal life?

The book Little Flowers is a series of stories following the Friars Minor (an order led by St. Francis of Assisi). Most of these stories focus on suffering and how it’s great. Continue reading “Perfect Suffering”

Wars and Popes

What was the Great Western Schism, and how was it resolved?


The Great Western Schism was a period from 1378 to 1417 when there were multiple Popes at the same time. Continue reading “Wars and Popes”

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