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December 2016

3 Major Benefits of the RPC

The 3 most important benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum is leaning how to learn, learning how to write, and freeing time for your parents.

One of the major things that the RPC teaches is how to learn. There is no course for this; this is taught by the entire curriculum. Continue reading “3 Major Benefits of the RPC”


Greek Religion vs. Christianity

What was different between the Greek religion and Christianity? The main difference is the goals. The goal of Greek religion was to have your God serve you and not kill you. Continue reading “Greek Religion vs. Christianity”

Social Media Management

What business opportunity did my business class cover this week that intrigued me the most? I looked at social media management, ghostwriting, public domain books, and book publishing. Continue reading “Social Media Management”

Selling Board Games

What was the business opportunity that intrigued me most this week? My class covered helping people blog, photography, website security, and selling products online. Continue reading “Selling Board Games”

A Three Step Guide to Taking over Rome

If I had been Catiline, what would I have said to undermine Cicero’s case against me? This question refers to Cicero‚Äôs speech against Catiline before the Senate. Catiline had raised an army and planned to attack Rome. Continue reading “A Three Step Guide to Taking over Rome”

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