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March 2016

Should Everyone Get a “C”?

Would it be moral to give everyone in school a C on everything they did? Obviously not. Those who did work hard would get the same as those who didn’t. This would encourage everyone not to work.

Would it be moral to give Continue reading “Should Everyone Get a “C”?”


Who Would Read My Autobiography?

Who would my autobiography target as an audience? Why would anyone read any autobiography? One of two reasons; the author accomplished something important or Continue reading “Who Would Read My Autobiography?”

A Great Lifestyle

In twenty years when I am thirty five what kind of a life style would I want? I’ll start with what I would spend money on, then I’ll tell you how I would generate that money. Continue reading “A Great Lifestyle”

Terrible or Beneficial?

Jim Lehrer was a reporter and a newsman in the late twentieth century. When he was about fifty, he experienced a heart attack, this turned out to be one of the best things that could have possibly happened to him. What good could possibly come of a heart attack? Continue reading “Terrible or Beneficial?”

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